Quilted Mattress Protector | Mazon


Long Single
King Single
Super King
01. Protection
The PVC backing creates a barrier that protects against moisture of stains, preventing them from reaching the mattress.

02. Noice Reduction
The PVC backing helps reduce noise. It absorbs the sound caused by movement on the mattress, reducing noise and minimizing (partner) disturbances during sleep.

03. Quilted Cover
Tencel fabric is highly breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. It allows air to circulate, preventing heat and moisture build-up. This helps to regulate your body temperature.

04. Durable
With regular use, this mattress protector is machine washable, encouraging healthy and sustainable sleep.

05. 50cm Drop
A 50cm sheet set drop provides enough fabric length to securely fit and cover a mattress of various depths.

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