ActiveDark Contoured | Mazon

RRP: $180.00 (ADAC)

The Mazon ActiveDark Pillow is made from a charcoal infused plush elasticity foam core surrounded with a plush fibre-fill casing. Contour Shape best suited for back and side sleepers.
01. Microfibre Incased
A microfibre casing adds a plush layer to balance support and comfort. These microfibres are hollow-core, which prevents the plush fill from compressing and becoming flat.

02. Charcoal Infused Visco
Charcoal infused microfibres, encourages odor control, temperature regulations and pain relief.

03. Air-ventilated Pin-holed Visco
Pin-holed visco (Contoured) allows for air to pass through, improving air circulation and temperature regulation.

04. Breathable Gusset
The breathable mesh gusset allows for continuous air circulation and temperature regulation, keeping you comfortable all night long.

05. Machine Washable Cover
The removeable cover is machine washable, promoting sustainable healthy sleep.

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