Your new Sleep System may take a few weeks to get used to. This is completely normal as your body may take time to adjust to the comfort and support that your new Mattress presents.

1. A Water Proof Mattress Protector should be used to avoid soiling. Click here to view information on our Sophie Steen Water Proof Mattress Protectors designed to keep your Mattress fluid free.

2. Do not use an old foundation with your new Mattress. The two parts of your sleep system works together for your comfort and support. Sleep Systems reccomends the matching base to go with your Mattress.

3. Ensure that the castors are screwed in tightly and checked regularly.

4. Rotate your Mattress every 3 months as this ensures the usage is even.

5. Air your bed frequently as this helps condensation in your Mattress to evapourate.

6. Do treat spills or stains on your Mattress so soon as you can. We reccomend to use a damp towel to remove any stains or spills as other cleaning product may damage the Mattress fabrics. Air your bed thouroghly before use.

7. Do not remove the Mattress labels off your new Mattress and this is the means by which we assatain the model of your Sleep Systems Mattress.

8. If you are storing your Mattress do not bend it as this will damage the internal structure of your Mattress. Also make sure your store your Mattress in a breathable bag as this stops spills and dampness from damaging your Mattress.

9. Do not drag your Mattress. Sleep Systems reccomends at least to people two transport it safely to the required location.

10. Always ensure your Mattress is on a solid, flat surface.

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