Est 1970

Innovators in sleep technology and design since 1970

Beds and bedding designed and hand crafted in New Zealand, by New Zealanders

Using sustainable and natural products to protect our planet and our people



Sleeping too hot or too cold

Too hot, too cold, medical issues, menopause, the list goes on. You can have relief and sleep better.

Back & Neck pain

The most common reason for people to buy a new bed. Reduce pressure on neck and spine.

Getting in and out of bed

Self help rails, adjustable beds, solutions that provide care for every sleeper.

We supply and deliver throughout the globe. Including Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the USA.

How to Care For Your Mattress.


Adjustable Beds

Always put the Adjustable Beds on a solid flat floor.

Natural latex

Woola mattresses are best on a NZ Made base.

Visco Elastic

Use on an adjustable base, slat or upholstered base.