1. Always put the Adjustable Bed on a solid flat floor.

2. Adjust to flat position first before getting on/off the Adjustable Bed.

3. Do not sit on any lifted up slats (especially the foot section). Please lower the foot section to the flat position before you get off or sit on the Adjustable Bed.

4. Do not jump on the slat at any circumstance.

5. Please turn off the power of supply before you move the Adjustable Bed.

6. Weight limits for the Adjustable Beds in Long Single or King Single Beds: Standard: 120kg, Heavy Duty: 200kg’s.

7. Check your power cord or wired hand control for damage frequently. (At times the Adjustable Bed has been pushed to close to wall which causes damage to the power plug)

8. Do rotate your Adjustable Bed mattress from head to foot every 3 months as this when the Adjustable Bed has the Head Lift up this causes the persons weight to be concentrated in a small area which can cause body impressions on the Mattress. Rotating the Mattress every 3 months gives the mattress an opportunity to recover.

9. Do not sit on the foot end of the Adjustable Bed as this put extra weight on the motor and this extra weight may cause the unit to fail.

10. Do not have to many appliances plugged in as this will overload the wall outlet.

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